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jamie in field fist bumping kids

Jamie Bechtel

Jamie Bechtel is the Co-Founder and CEO of New Course and is a highly regarded leader in international conservation. Her work has led to strategic advances in the fields of conservation, sustainable finance, and biology. Before founding New Course, Jamie worked for seven years at Conservation International (CI). During her tenure at CI, Jamie worked in over 20 countries including such diverse areas as Ecuador, Costa Rica, Madagascar, Fiji, Mexico, Indonesia, South Africa, and Papua New Guinea among many others. Through her work, Jamie has tackled complex issues such as mitigating destructive fishing practice, improving legal and policy frameworks, increasing enforcement efforts, developing market based solutions, improving community engagement, and ensuring scala

New Course

jamie in field fist bumping kids
Jamie Bechtel
Co-Founder and CEO
karl in congo
Karl Morrison
Co-Founder and Chief Program Officer
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Lincoln Spoor
david whitlock
David Whitlock
Advisor and Director Emeritus

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assheton carter
jorgen thomsen
Jorgen Thomsen
Director Emeritus
Brenda Berry
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