Spread of HIV Linked to Fishery Collapse: Is Fair Trade Fish an Answer?

  We hear a lot about the overfishing crisis. Overfishing is, in fact, a crisis and we are running out of fish. Frankly, this is a crisis that you and I will survive. But a billion people are running out of fish, and they won’t survive because fish is their main source of

Intentional Environmentalist, Accidental Feminist: Fixing the Conservation Sector’s Biggest Mistake

The conservation sector is an industry that spends about $10 billion a year protecting globally important biodiversity. This makes conservation one of the most underfunded efforts in the world; that number should be much higher. Many people think that protecting the environment is a l
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Huffpost Blog – The Legacy of Wangari Maathai: Women as Green Agents of Change

By Wanjira Mathai and Jamie Bechtel The world unites to honor the European Union 2012 as the Nobel Peace Prize is bestowed upon the governing body for its hard work, over the past six decades, in maintaining stability in Europe. This prize has been won by presidents and peace activist
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Our Publications

  Women, Natural Resource Management, and Poverty: A Review of Issues and Opportunities, 2010 A report exploring women’s reliance on natural resources for survival and livelihoods, the unique information that women have regarding resource use and management, and the potenti

Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust


IDEA Targeting the root causes of conflict and human trafficking wPOWER: alternative energy Unlocking East African women’s potential in natural resource management MPOWERD: Luci Lights Providing women with sustainable, secure energy Solomon Islands Workshop Increasing the engagement
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Ramsey Social Justice Foundation

Food, Water & Energy Security

Securing vital food, water and energy resources
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Climate Change

Equipping women to adapt to and mitigate climate change impacts
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