It takes a Village

New Course is delighted to partner with MPOWERD and the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust on a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action. This program has generated some amazing results and, as always, we are deeply appreciative of our partne
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Understanding Time Security

Understanding nuances of decision making at the household level, specifically regarding who needs more money and who needs more time, will help environmentalists shape much more effective strategies.
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Give a Luci this Holiday Season

This holiday season, take a moment to be thankful for the millions of bright, festive lights we enjoy each year. Over 1.3 BILLION people around the world still don’t have enough light to see in their own homes after sunset. Watch the video to learn
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Human Trafficking and Environmental Degradation (Video)

As resources decline or become degraded, rural women and their families lose access even to the most basic livelihood resources like food, water and energy.  In these situations, families must make difficult decisions to meet their needs.  Unfortu
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September Impact Update

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‘Women & Community-Based Conservation’ in Live Better Magazine

The New Course team recently published an article in Live Better Magazine on the need to better integrate communities and, especially, women into conservation programs.  Check out the excerpt below and click the Live Better link to read the whole a
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Coffee, Women and Climate Change: A Mounting Crisis

A new global energy crisis is fast approaching.  No, it’s not another surge in gas prices.  This time it’s even more personal;  it’s your morning cup of joe. Coffee beans require a delicate balance of temperature and rainfall, bo
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Jamie Bechtel Speaks on Common Ground (Video)

Environmental degradation and poverty go hand in hand throughout the developing world.  As resources decline, poverty rises and the group most affected are rural women.  However, as the primary natural resource users in developing communities, wome
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David Middleton and Brenda Berry travel with New Course to Uganda

David Middleton and Brenda Berry will travel to Northern Uganda to document the links between poverty and environmental degradation through a gender ‘lens’.  They are traveling with Chief Program Officer, Karl Morrison into the post-Kon
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Luci Lights: improving the lives of women around the world.

  New Course is partnering with MPOWERD to provide alternative energy solutions to women living in ecologically vulnerable places. Luci lights solve multiple problems at once including reducing deforestation, improving health of women and childr