• IDEA

    Targeting the root causes of conflict and human trafficking

  • _dsc3414

    wPOWER: alternative energy

    Unlocking East African women’s potential in natural resource management

  • _DSC1228

    MPOWERD: Luci Lights

    Providing women with sustainable, secure energy

  • Solomon Islands Workshop

    Increasing the engagement of women in conservation

  • Northern Rangelands, Kenya

    Working with the Masai to integrate women into conservation efforts

  • Post-Conflict Uganda & DRC

    Strengthening education and livelihoods for women and girls in post-conflict areas

  • Bonobo Conservation

    Engaging women to strengthen conservation of the endangered bonobo

  • Tanzania

    Providing women with training and tools for improved livelihoods and conservation

  • Papua New Guinea

    Working with women to protect endangered species and build livelihoods