Our Publications

Our Publications


Women, Natural Resource Management, and Poverty: A Review of Issues and Opportunities, 2010

A report exploring women’s reliance on natural resources for survival and livelihoods, the unique information that women have regarding resource use and management, and the potential stewardship role that they can play.  The article also argues that to ensure the sustainability of poverty alleviation and natural resource management efforts in vulnerable rural ecosystems, women must be engaged in planning and implementation and they must share the benefits of management outcomes.


A Gender Perspective on Securing Livelihoods and Nutrition in Fish-dependent Coastal Communities, 2012

Women and men play different roles in fishing communities around the world, however in all communities the failure to engage women in management efforts results in lost opportunities to improve conservation practices and ensure secure, viable livelihoods. This project identifies a portfolio of opportunities around the world where understanding gender dynamics more broadly and engaging women specifically can provide positive and long-lasting environmental change and improve coastal and fisheries management efforts. Project was conducted in partnership with Wildlife Conservation Society, University of East Anglia, and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation


Gender, Poverty and the Conservation of Biodiversity: A Review of Issues and Opportunities, 2010






Bridging the Blue Green Divide Concept (2)  Working with partners to integrate development and conservation efforts, the Blue Green Divide is the beginning of a new way of doing the business of saving the world. 


 E3Merge – Course has launched to tackle integrated conservation and development efforts. Learn more about our relationship with MPOWERD and how we turned a little lantern into jobs, better health, education, environmental stewardship and more….