What We Are Reading

At New Course, we read a lot of reports, newspapers, journals, magazines, data sets, analyses and other technical documents that inform our work, guide our efforts and inspire us.  Among the stacks of literature there are always a few great reads that we find especially compelling, informative, innovative and thought provoking.  Below are our picks for what you need to know about designing solutions that benefit the hard working people and amazing places around the world.

A thoughtful, integrated program that systematically integrates women in a combined approach to poverty reduction strategies with environmental protection.  A fantastic adaptation of payment for ecosystem services. J.K. Turpie,  C. Marais,  J.N. Blignaut. 2008.  The working for water programme: Evolution of a payments for ecosystem services mechanism that addresses both poverty and ecosystem service delivery in South Africa. Ecological Economics Volume 65, Issue 4,

An in depth piece from CNN on the links between environmental collapse and human trafficking.  A harrowing story of girls being sold repeatedly to pay off debts incurred by families as fisheries and farmlands collapse. Continued inspiration for Root Solutions.

This recent UNDP report, Natural Resources and Peace-building, focuses on the relationship between women and natural resources in conflict-affected settings, and discusses how natural resource management can be used to enhance women’s engagement and empowerment in peacebuilding processes