Our Services

New Course has grown because of the excellent track record we have established by providing our partners with expertise on the links between women, natural resource management, and poverty. Founded in 2009, New Course partners have included some of the world’s most prestigious and productive foundations, non-profit organizations, and for-profit corporations.   We are committed to improving lives and securing natural resources for the billions of women and children around the world who rely on natural resources for survival. We do that by helping our partners meet their objectives faster, more efficiently, and with better quality outcomes through the systematic engagement of women.

Our services include

  • Institutional assessment, capacity building and training
  • Policy analysis
  • Strategy development and action plans
  • Research and evaluation
  • Toolkits and methodologies
  • Community needs and priority assessments
  • Gender assessments and audits
  • Gender-responsive budgeting
  • Good/Best practices and lessons learned
  • Monitoring and evaluation