Solomon Islands Workshop

Solomon Islands Workshop

The Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea have very diverse socio-cultural environments, however one thing they have in common is that women’s status remains generally much lower than that of men.  This impacts women’s ability to benefit from, engage and contribute to conservation and development initiatives.

New Course and The Nature Conservancy conducted a gender and conservation workshop to raise awareness of the benefits of incorporating gender into conservation efforts and to bring together Conservancy and partner project staff from Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. The workshop provided an opportunity for sharing experiences and learning, specifically related to the challenges and opportunities for gender integration into conservation and development projects and programs.
Discussions and group work culminated in the development of preliminary action plans for integrating gender into participants’ activities on the ground. Action plans, which targeted curbing illegal logging and improving marine resource management, centered around the importance of better engaging women in decision making and implementation of activities. This combined with capacity building of women in both management skills and technical areas (livelihood and natural resource management related) were at the heart of these preliminary action plans.

Local Partners:

The Nature Conservancy

Project Funder:
The Walton Family Foundation

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Solomon Islands Workshop

The Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea have very diverse socio-cultural environments, however one thing they have in common is that women's status...

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