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A passionate, powerful, motivational speaker, New Course CEO Dr. Jamie Bechtel weaves together science, humor, and adventure into a entertaining and informative experience for listeners. Having presented at some of the world’s most prestigious fora including the Aspen Ideas Festival, Club de Madrid, the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, and numerous colleges and Universities Jamie has shared the stage with world leaders, Nobel Laureates, and real live normal people from all walks of life. Fast Company Magazine named Dr. Bechtel as one of the top women changing the world, an honor she shares with other leaders including Melinda Gates, Hilary Clinton, Alicia Keys and Sheryl Wudunn. Jamie’s Keynotes are inspirational, passion filled and as President Mary Robinson of Ireland notes – filled with “out of the box thinking”.

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Areas of Expertise

Gender, Natural Resource Management, Fisheries, REDD+, Cilmate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Sustainability, Poverty, Environmental Issues, Environmental Policy, Conservation, Biodiversity, Women and Girls, Food Security and Agriculture, International Development, Business & the Environment, Peacebuilding, Africa, Social Justice, CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, Bioethics.

Featured Speakers

  • Founder, President, and CEO, New Course
    Jamie Bechtel is founder, president and CEO of New Course, an organization focused on changing the course of women’s lives through conservation and sustainable development. Bechtel’s work has led to strategic advances in the fields of conservation, sustainable finance, and biology. Before co-founding New Course, she was at Conservation International where, during her tenure, she worked in more than 20 countries tackling complex issues such as mitigating destructive fishing practices, improving legal and policy frameworks, developing market-based solutions, and improving community engagement. She has collaborated with world leaders, CEOs of multi-national corporations, and esteemed academic scholars.
  • Co-Founder and Chief Program Officer, New Course
    Karl Morrison has been working in Africa for over 20 years developing ways to provide rural people with opportunities to improve their lives, the lives of their families and of future generations. His experiences from across the continent, particularly in post-conflict areas, provide Karl with a unique set of expertise and insights to conservation, sustainable development and gender issues. During his career he has worked for Conservation International and the World Resources Institute, in addition to founding his own consulting firm and New Course.

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