Brenda Berry

Brenda Berry

Brenda Berry is a professional photographer and writer whose work focuses on environmental

portraiture, travel and nature photography. She comes to photography from an educational

background in science and the visual arts. Brenda holds a MFA from the University of California

at San Diego. Brenda also teaches photography workshops from Vancouver to Maine and has

traveled, explored and photographed extensively in the Pacific Northwest. Brenda has two books to

her credit, “The Lobstering Life,” and “Maine Coast Memories”, both done with David Middleton.

Brenda has also traveled and photographed throughout Bhutan collecting images to support

Save the Children Bhutan, as well as in Tanzania for New Course. Brenda’s work has been seen

in newspapers, solo shows, and juried exhibitions; her professional goal is to use her images and

words to help tell the stories of people and landscapes around the world that might not otherwise be



Brenda’s firm commitment to New Course comes from a life long belief in protecting our precious

environment and the lives that depend on it; particularly women and children. She is very excited

about the impact New Course has already demonstrated and believes that New Course will

continue to shift the environmental-development dialogue in a new, more productive direction.