Karl Morrison

karl in congo

Karl has been working in Africa for over 25 years developing ways to provide rural people

with opportunities to improve their lives, the lives of their families and of future generations.

Karl began his career in southern Africa where, living in a small village, he helped local

women build a successful basketry business thereby providing sustainable income to over

a hundred families. Since then Karl has lived in and traveled to over 15 countries in Africa

including Madagascar. His experience from across the continent, particularly in post-conflict

areas, provides Karl with a unique set of expertise and insights to conservation, sustainable

development and gender issues.

Before joining New Course, Karl worked at Conservation International in a variety of roles

including the Director of Africa Regional Planning and Corridor Strategies, providing technical

support to emerging CI programs across the continent. After several years engaged in

Headquarter operations, Karl was anxious to return to the field. He moved to the Democratic

Republic of Congo where he lived for two years while he initiated Conservation International’s

on the ground operations in the Congo. Karl’s leadership skills and on the ground experience

were instrumental in ensuring the successful start up of operations in such a difficult place to


Building on his vast field and leadership experiences, as well as his work with groups such as

World Resources Institute, where he worked on complex issues including sustainable forestry

and poverty alleviation, Karl founded a consulting company called Econserve. This company

worked across West, Central and East Africa on projects that integrate economics, conservation

and poverty reduction.

Karl has a Master’s Degree in Development Economics from Dalhousie University and an

undergraduate degree in Economics from Queen’s University. However, most of his education

has come from working and living in the field, exploring ways to help families and communities

meet their needs and fulfill their aspirations for their families.