Ms. Jenny Norton

jenny mud

As an ordained minister and endorsed chaplain, Jenny serves her denomination and her foundation as an Associate Minister of Social Justice. She was the senior Chaplain at St. Luke’s Hospital. Jenny (Rev. Jenny Norton) has also been denominationally endorsed as a prison chaplain and hospital chaplain where she served for 18 years as the Auxiliary Chaplain for the Arizona State Department of Corrections. A graduate of Arizona State University (SCL) and of Fuller Theological Seminary, Jenny, whose career has been in public affairs and community service, also served our state in the late 80’s as an Arizona State Representative, where she sponsored legislation to authorize an industrial tax credit for child and adult daycare, to mandate use of clean fuels, to create corrections programs of home arrest and youthful offender program, and to rewrite the state’s energy policy, as well as to authorize ground water recharge. A reporter from The Arizona Republic, Steve Yozwiak, wrote, referring to Jenny’s purchase and use of an electric-powered car during the seventies and eighties, that “State Rep. Jenny Norton has always been a little ahead of her time.” The Phoenix Gazette reporter, Richard de Uriarte, agreed about her environmental activism, writing “within weeks she has become chief advocate of clean-burning fuels and groundwater recharge.” Jenny also has served her City since 1984 as a Member of the City of Tempe Industrial Development Authority Board, a mayoral appointment. She is a decades long volunteer and Board Member of the Tempe Community Action Agency of Tempe.